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Best Practices for LibGuides Accessibility

This guide includes instructions for updating individual LibGuides to be as accessible as possible.

Books Best Practices

These aren't accessibility issues but do increase the usability of your guides.

  • Check that we still have the books, ebooks, etc.
  • Add their LC call number, if applicable
  • Add permalink to OPAC

Why should I have gallery boxes?

Converting lists of books to gallery boxes (carousels) has two main advantages:

  1. They're easier to navigate on mobile. Instead of having to scroll past a long list of books, users can instead just scroll past one box.
  2. They're easier to navigate with a keyboard. In list form, a user has to jump to each and every link and book description before they can get to the next chunk of information. When the books are corralled into a gallery, however, the user only has to jump past two links: the back and next buttons.

How to add gallery boxes

Adding gallery boxes can be time-consuming. Unfortunately, you cannot convert existing boxes with book lists into a gallery box.

1. While editing your page, click on Add Box "Add Box - Column 1" option highlighted

2. Under Type, choose "Gallery"

"Create New Box" options with Gallery type selected

3. Save

4. Click on the "setting" icon to add content to the gallery box.

"Settings" gear icon highlighted

Important Gallery Settings

After desktop and mobile testing of book lists in gallery boxes, here are the recommended settings.

  • Make sure that the "Automatically play" setting is turned off. 
  • Set "Max image height" around 30%.
  • Number of rows = 1
  • Slides per row = 2
  • Slides to show = 2
  • Slides to scroll = 1
  • Caption position = Bottom

Adding books to gallery boxes

First, select the "Add New Slide" drop-down menu and select "Book."

"Add new slide" drop-down options

Put the title of the book you want into the search box. 

Entering "Statistics" into title search box with two potential titles showing

Select the correct title and choose "Add." 

What if I cannot find the title I am looking for?

Especially for books purchased recently, you may not be able to find them by adding a "Book" and searching by title. If this is the case, choose to add an "Image" instead. Follow these steps to add a book using this method:

  1. Open a new tab and pull up the Library's OPAC.
  2. Search for and open the item you wish to add.
  3. Right click on the book cover image in the OPAC and choose "Copy image address."
  4. Switch back to the "Add Slide: Image" box in LibGuides.
  5. Paste the image address into the "Slide Image URL" box.
  6. Add the permalink to the OPAC entry in "Link URL."
  7. "Image Alt Text" can be marked as decorative or left blank.
  8. Put the book's title as the "Slide Title."
  9. Add the author, call number, location, and any other information in the "Slide Details" box.
  10. Select "Save."

Example of adding a book as an image

eBooks may also be added following these general steps.

A note about captions / descriptions

If you include a note or caption for the books you add to a gallery box, keep them brief. Long notes - more than 1 or 2 sentences - may overlap or may become difficult to read when viewed on a mobile device.