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Best Practices for LibGuides Accessibility

This guide includes instructions for updating individual LibGuides to be as accessible as possible.

Why should I manage my link assets?

As mentioned in Tier 1: All About Links, the best practice is to include links that are reusable assets. These links can be reused across different pages and guides, and you can edit them in a single place. This can help reduce broken links or incorrect descriptions. While not an accessibility issue, per se, having clean link assets can be helpful both for you and the user.

As you have the time and interest, check your assets and do some "spring cleaning," as necessary. 

Managing and editing your assets

Select the "Content" drop-down menu in the orange menu bar at the top of your screen. Select "Assets."

LibGuides orange menu showing "Content" drop-down and highlighted "Assets" option

You can search for specific links or types of assets. One way to manage your assets is to filter by Owner. Select your name from the "Owner" drop-down menu, and select the blue "Filter" button. 

Assets filtering options, highlighting "Owner" drop-down menu

Ideas for what to clean up

Although you can adjust many things in your assets, here are two suggestions of problems to look for:

1. Assets with no mapping counts.

These can be deleted.

2. Duplicate copies of the same link.

If there are multiple assets for the same link, try to consolidate these into a single asset. This may require you to return to the individual guides and replace the link with a reusable one. You can then delete the duplicated asset.