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Best Practices for LibGuides Accessibility

This guide includes instructions for updating individual LibGuides to be as accessible as possible.

Why should I add Previous / Next links?

"Previous" and "Next" options at the bottom of the page makes it significantly easier for users relying on keyboard navigation to move from page to page. These buttons reduce the number of keyboard strokes required. For longer pages, these buttons can also increase guide navigation for mobile users.

Adding Previous/Next Links

Previous/Next links appear at the bottom of the page and cut down on the amount of tabbing that keyboard users must do to navigate Libguides.

To add them:

1. Go to Guide Layout at the top right of the screen. (Two buttons to the left of 'Unpublished')

four boxes in a row; the second from the left is highlighted

2. Select Prev/Next Links

a dropdown menu with Prev/Next Links highlighted

3. Check the box 

a dialogue box with one check box

4. Save