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Best Practices for LibGuides Accessibility

This guide includes instructions for updating individual LibGuides to be as accessible as possible.

Why should I add guide descriptions?

Add descriptions of each guide and the pages within to help keyboard and screen reader users know which page has the information they're looking for. Without an accurate description, users may have to tab through a list of links or listen to a whole page only to find that they just wasted their time. 

Adding a guide description

The guide description can be added or edited immediately beneath the guide title. 

To edit, click the existing title or box. Type your brief description. Select the blue checkmark icon or press "Enter" on your keyword to save the description.

Editing guide description with editing pane highlighted in yellow

If you are creating a new guide, you will be prompted to include a description.

Adding page descriptions

Creating a new page

When creating a new page, you will be prompted to include a guide description. Include the description at this point.

Adding a page description from the "add new page" option

Adding a description to an existing page

Select "Page" and choose "Page Properties" from the drop-down menu. 

"Page" drop-down menu with "Page Properties" option highlighted

In the "Page Properties" box, add or edit the page description. Select "Save."

"Description" box in "Page Properties"