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This guide is designed to help students and faculty access credible resources related to the study of English

Local Information

If you are exploring a topic or issue at a local level, library databases should not be the only place you look.

For local information on your topic, consider checking the following sources/databases:

  • Newspapers
  • Government / Organizational Websites
  • Social Media, Blogs, Other

More information and links are available below.

Local Information on Social Justice and Civic Issues

Local information can be particularly elusive in library databases! Here are some strategies to try:

  • Search local newspaper or news media websites for your issue
    • Sample search: KUTV or KUER or Salt Lake Tribune website, homeless
    • You’ll find videos and articles- sometimes with references to people, groups, other articles or reports, etc. that you could track down
    • If articles are behind a paywall, check the library for access (ProQuest Newsstream has both the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Search the internet for local groups or organizations related to your issue
    • Sample search: homeless Utah .org
    • Every group/organization has an agenda! As long as you understand the purpose and potential biases of a given group, it can be a great source for things like reports, policy proposals, press releases, etc.
  • Search local government (city level, county level, state level) for your issue
    • Sample search:, homeless
    • You’ll find laws, policies, reports, government organizations related to your issue, etc.
  • Search local educational institutions for “centers” or research related to your issue
    • Sample search: University of Utah homeless
    • Pro tip: The University of Utah Kem C. Gardner Institute has tons of research and reports on local issues like housing, health care, etc.
    • If a school is known for something (business, agriculture, etc.), they’ll likely have students and faculty researching it


Use library databases (or search newspaper websites) to find information about your topic or issue at a local level. Also consider checking the websites of local TV news and/or radio stations.

Tip: You can limit to local newspapers in ProQuest (search for Deseret News and/or Salt Lake Tribune and search within those sources for super localized information).

Government / Organizational Websites

Starting on (link below) can be a good starting point for local information. Also consider looking at local city and county websites (i.e. Salt Lake County) for information from government entities. Use the tips in the "Searching Google for Websites" box to find additional websites of interest.

Social Media, Blogs, Other

Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, neighborhood discussion boards, online review websites... all of these sources can be valuable depending on your topic, your information needs, and of course your assignment instructions! Sometimes conversations about certain issues take place in random corners of the internet or on social media. Use the tips in the "Searching Google for Websites" box for more ideas.

You can visit the popular social media sites individually and search your topic there (i.e. go to, search for HOA or homeowner's associations, and see what conversations pop up).

Don't forget about local television news stations either! They report on local news and you can often view clips of broadcasts on their websites for free.

Searching Google for Websites

You can try the following Google search strategies to limit results to specific domains, websites, or find related sites if you find an organization or site of use:

  • limit results to a specific type of web domain using site: 
    • examples: ... ...
  • limit results to a specific website using site:
    • examples: ...
  • limit results to websites related to a specific website using related:
    • examples: ...

With the Google searches, it's important to remove all spaces after the colon (i.e. not site: .org) to maximize relevant results.

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