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This guide is designed to help students and faculty access credible resources related to the study of English


Having numbers of some sort can often strengthen your research and help place your information and writing in context.

For data and statistics on your topic, consider checking the following sources/databases:

  • Statista
  • Government or organizational websites

More information and links are available below.


Statista is a powerful database that includes statistics on many topics. If you don't see your topic here initially, consider using a more broad term (i.e. instead of "factory farming" try "animal cruelty" or "animal rights"). Use the other suggestions on this page to find local information.

Government / Organizational Websites

The links below represent very helpful websites that provide reports and statistics on a wide range of topics, focusing on Utah and the US- look for similar websites for other locations! Use the tips in the "Searching Google for Websites" box to find additional websites of interest.

Searching Google for Websites

You can try the following Google search strategies to limit results to specific domains, websites, or find related sites if you find an organization or site of use:

  • limit results to a specific type of web domain using site: 
    • examples: ... ...
  • limit results to a specific website using site:
    • examples: ...
  • limit results to websites related to a specific website using related:
    • examples: ...

With the Google searches, it's important to remove all spaces after the colon (i.e. not site: .org) to maximize relevant results.

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