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Political Science

This guide is to help students and faculty access credible resources related to Political Science, including law and governments.

Explore Amendments 11-27

Assignment instructions for Essay 2 (in many POLS 1700 courses):

*Look at amendments XI through XXVII of the U.S. Constitution. Choose ONE amendment.  Briefly describe the issue or issues related to the amendment. Also, discuss the politics during its course to ratification. Why was the amendment important and how, in your view, did it impact American history?*

Research Tips for Interest Groups and Lobbying

Looking for information on interest groups? Lobbying? These sources and ideas can help you get started.

Have an interest group in mind?

  • Check out their website for About Us, Policy Statements, Press Releases
  • Search OneSearch or ProQuest Newsstand (Complete) -links below- for the interest group's name, add legislat* to narrow down to involvement with legislation (or try lobby*)

Additional Resources

You can look for additional context, interpretations of, and current events surrounding interest groups, lobbying and amendments in the following library resources: