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Utah Academic Library Consortium

The Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC) was formed in 1971 to continually improve the availability and delivery of library and information services to the higher education community in the State of Utah.


Utah Academic Library Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement

Utah Academic Libraries Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement

UALC Member libraries agree to extend on-site circulation privileges to the current faculty, emeriti faculty, staff, and students of fellow UALC member institutions.

Each participating library will determine specific circulation policies and procedures governing UALC Reciprocal Borrowing patron privileges.  Students, staff, emeriti, and faculty or participating UALC institutions who present legal photo ID and proof of current enrollment or employment are authorized to checkout library materials at another UALC member institution's library. 

Eligible borrowers agree to:

  • Present a current, valid legal photo identification AND proof of current enrollment/employment.
    • Some libraries may also require additional or different verification methods.  It is recommended to contact library in advance of visit.
    • Proof of enrollment may include, but is not limited to: online current registration, current course LMS, course registration printout, etc.
    • Proof of employment may include, but is not limited to: online access to current course LMS, online institution employment records, current employee email, etc.
  • Notify lending libraries of change of address.
  • Notify lending libraries of change in enrollment, employment, or other necessary status.
  • Pay any and all late fees and/or replacement costs and fees assessed by the lending library.
  • Return items directly to the lending library whenever possible OR return items to their home library's Interlibrary Loan Office.

For complete UALC Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement, please visit the UALC website About Us page or directly to the Agreement Form.

Each library or institution may have their own procedures for accessing their resources and materials for UALC members.  These procedures may change in order to help ensure various lending and access obligations are met.