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Learn how the library can support faculty at SLCC.

Intro to Curriculum Builder for Library Resources

Why use Curriculum Builder for Library Resources (formerly called "EBSCOHost" in Canvas)? 

  • Directly access library materials (journal articles, ebooks, newspaper articles, etc.) within Canvas
  • Build and annotate reading lists of online content to supplement course materials

EBSCO describes Curriculum Builder: "EBSCO Discovery Service brings you an easy way to create and manage course reading lists right from your Learning Management System (LMS) with the Curriculum Builder LMS plugin. Highly cost-effective, the Curriculum Builder enables you to bring the world of quality databases, ebooks, and other digital resources from the library’s discovery system easily and directly into the online learning environment."

COMING SOON: Step-by-step documents to supplement the steps outlined below and the screen capture videos.

Step-by-step Curriculum Builder for Library Resources

Watch the videos listed in the "How-to Videos" box on this page to see each process.

To add the library search box to Canvas:

  1. In Canvas, select "Add Item" from the Module view
  2. Select "External Tool" from the dropdown menu
  3. Select "Curriculum Builder for Library Resources" from the list of External Tool options
  4. If desired, scroll or tab down to the "Title" field and rename the list something meaningful (i.e. "Unit 3 Reading List" or "Cold War Reading List"). If you skip this step, your module component will retain the name "Curriculum Builder for Library Resources."
  5. Select "Add Item"

Screen capture image of adding an external tool to a module in Canvas

To build a reading list in Canvas:

  1. Add "Curriculum Builder for Library Resources" to a module (as described above)
  2. If you need to rename your reading list after adding it, use the Settings option (the Gear shift icon) in the Module menu
  3. Click on the name of the reading list you'd like to populate
  4. Search in the Library Search Box ("Search Library Resources" shown below) to locate items of interest
  5. Select "Add to Reading List" for each item of interest

Screen shot of curriculum builder search library resources box in Canvas

To edit a reading list in Canvas:

  1. Navigate to the reading list of interest, open it by clicking on the name of it from the module view
  2. Click on "See Current Reading List"
  3. Use “Add Folder” to organize items in the reading list
  4. Use “Add Text or Instructions” to add notes to the entire reading list (these can be rearranged with the reading list items)
  5. Use “Add Web Resource” to link to a website in the reading list
  6. Use your mouse to drag & drop or change the “Sort Order” numbers to re-order the items in the reading list

To rename a reading list or the library search box in Canvas:

  1. Navigate to the item of interest in the Module View
  2. Click on or open the "Settings" option, marked by the gearshift icon and a drop down menu
  3. Edit the name and "Save"

Student View

Screen capture of student view of reading list in Canvas course site