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Undergraduate Research & Projects Conference

Library and research related tips for students involved with UPRC.


Welcome to the guide for UPRC Library resources and research skills!

This guide is meant to support participants sharing research projects at the SLCC Undergraduate Research & Projects Conference (UPRC).

Where should I start?

To learn about research and information literacy skills, go to the "Develop Research Skills" page or click the image below.

Do you want to learn more about or enhance your research skills? Start at "Develop Research Skills."

To learn about Library resources and get tips on using them, go to the "Use Library Resources" page or click the image below.

Do you want to find Library resources (like databases) and tips on using them? Start at "Use Library Resources."

The guide includes links to discipline-specific research guides and recommended "best-bet" resources for STEM research topics. Finally, the "Write in the Sciences" page provides links to examples of various styles of technical writing in STEM fields.

Navigate to different pages of this guide using the menu or via the "next" and "previous" buttons.

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