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Resources for those studying literature.

Finding Literary Criticism

At SLCC, your best bet for locating most literary criticism is to use the main search box on the library website (called OneSearch). There's a OneSearch box on this page for your convenience.

Search tips:

  • Search by title of the work (i.e. "Doll's House," "Their Eyes Were Watching God," etc.)
  • Search by title and author (i.e. "Doll's House" Ibsen)
  • Search by author (i.e. Ibsen, Zora Neale Hurston, etc.)
  • Search any of the above and add the word "criticism" (i.e. "Doll's House" criticism, Zora Neale Hurston criticism, etc.)
  • Limit to publication types as necessary (i.e. Academic Journals is a popular choice for locating literary criticism)

If you get stuck, ask a librarian for help!

  • Call them at 801-957-4610
  • Text them at 801-770-0996
  • Or chat with them online

Databases for Literary Criticism

Start here first:

Try here next (or if the results are too unmanageable in OneSearch or Reseach Library):


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