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Education: Books and Media

This guide is designed to help students and faculty access credible resources related to the study of education.

How To Read Call Numbers

A call number is the number (which usually has letters in it) or the group of letters assigned to each item in the library. Every call number is unique. These numbers are designed to help you find the book, video, or CD that you need.

At SLCC we primarily use Dewey Decimal Classification for our books. 204.36 Sy61s 2010 is an example of a typical call number. If the book is marked "OV", it's in our oversize collection. A book with an 'R' in front of the call number is a reference book.

Fiction books are in a separate collection that does not use Dewey Decimal Classification. Look for the "FIC" at the beginning of the call number. Children's books follow the same system, except that they have "CHI" in front of the number.

Reserve books are classified by the class number: ENGL 1010, MATH 1050, etc.

Videos, DVDs, and CDs have a number assigned by the library. They are in numerical order on the shelves.

If you can't find the item, talk to the library staff. We're happy to help you find what you need!

Where is Education in the stacks ?

Education in the Dewey Decimal System is located at

370-371  in our collection (look upstairs at Markosian Library).

How to find books and media

Directly above this box there is a search box. Click on the down arrow and select Library Online. Your search will then be directed to the SLCC online catalog. Or click on your choice below to find items listed in the online catalog.  The online catalog can be searched by anyone at any location:


  • Library Catalog
    Assists you in locating materials held in the SLCC Library System at all locations, including print books, e-books, audiovisual items, and reserve materials (kept at the desk for classes, such as textbooks).
  • Search Electronic Reserve:  
    Provides access to electronic reserve materials.
  • Power Search  
    If you wish to use Boolean operators and have other choices for limiting your search, use the online catalog's Power Search.


How Do I Search the Online Catalog

When you click on the Catalog link above, you will be guided directly to a Key Word Search box. You may put in any term related to your topic. You may also choose an Alphabetical Search (Browse) and then search by title, subject, or author alphabetically.

Searching for subjects alphabetically:

To get you started you might want to use very general subject headings such as:

  • Education
  • Learning
  • Literacy
  • Teaching

Note that these headings will be subdivided by more specific aspects of the topic.

Or you may wish to use more specific subject headings such as:

  • College teaching
  • Education - Experimental methods
  • Education Reform
  • Group work in education
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Lesson planning
  • Reading (Elementary)
  • Reading (Secondary)
  • Reading (Adult education)
  • Study and teaching
  • Teaching - Aids and devices
  • Test Preparation 

Note that when you click on a subject a list of books or media materials will show up for that subject.  If you click on a specific title, the entry for that title will come up and show you a very brief record with call number, title, author and library holding the item.  If you click on the Details tab you will go to Item Information and  find more publishing information and the item's status.  There may be other tabs as well.  The Look Inside tab will give a summary of the item, possible reviews, and table of contents.  The Catalog Record gives you complete cataloging information along with subject headings for the book.  You may click on the subject headings to be taken to the items listed under those headings.   Look at those subjects to see if there is a heading you might be interested in trying. 

If you are having difficulty in finding a subject heading or key word for your topic ask the librarians at your location for assistance or call 957-4610 for the Reference Desk at the Taylorsville Redwood Campus.

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