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Life, Society & Drugs: Appropriate Sources

This guides shows how to identify appropriate sources for Salt Lake Community College's Life, Society & Drugs course

Three Criteria for HLTH 1050 Appropriate Sources

In your HLTH 1050 class, you may be asked to complete several article assignments and a research paper. For these information-based assignments, the sources you select should meet three criteria:

  1. Scholarly
  2. Primary Research
  3. International

In other words, the articles you select should be scholarly sources presenting primary research and have an international focus or aspect. Please verify these criteria with your instructor, as they may have different preferences.

Appropriate sources Venn diagram showing intersection between scholarly, international, and primary research

Your assignment prompts may not always refer to the criteria using these exact terms. You may also see them described as sources from a "scientific publication" or having an "international/global theme." Remember to always check with your professor if you have questions about the specific requirements of the assignments.

These three criteria are scaffolded. When looking for or at an article, first make sure it is a scholarly source, then determine if it presents primary research, and finally make sure it includes the international component.

Keep working through this module to learn how to identify articles that meet each requirement.