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AI, ChatGPT, and the Library

This guide provides a starting place for SLCC faculty, staff, and students to learn how generative AI intersects with information literacy and how to use it responsibly.

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Is generative AI a new concept for you? Have you dabbled with ChatGPT and want to learn more? Browse this reading list by category (what it is, education, issues). Select readings using the hyperlinked titles.

SLCC Faculty and Staff, visit the "Teaching & Learning with Generative AI" SharePoint site to learn more, find resources, and engage in discussions with colleagues about generative AI in higher education.

What is ChatGPT and generative AI?

How is generative AI impacting higher education?

How is generative AI impacting specific disciplines?

Business - Lakhani, K. (2023, August 2). A crash course for small business on using A.I. from a Harvard Business School professor [Video]. CNBC. 

Computer Science - Browne, R. (2023, July 18). Most outsourced coders in India will be gone in 2 years due to A.I., Stability AI boss predicts. CNBC.

Criminal Justice - Gans-Combe, C. (2022). Automated justice: Issues, benefits and risks in the use of artificial intelligence and its algorithms in access to justice and law enforcement. In D. O'Mathuna, & R. Iphofen (Eds.), Ethics, integrity and policymaking: The value of the case study (pp. 175-194). Springer. 

Chopra, R., Clarke, K., Burrows, C. A., & Khan, L. M. (2023, April 25). Joint statement on enforcement efforts against discrimination and bias in automated systems. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Department of Justice, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Federal Trade Commission.

Healthcare - Butcher, L. (2023, May 1). Artificial intelligence and machine learning: What physician leaders need to know. Physician Leadership Journal, 10(3), 31-33.

Reardon, S. (2023, March 31). AI chatbots can diagnose medical conditions at home. How good are they? Scientific American.

Hospitality - Sweeney, B. (2023). AI in restaurants: 9 ways artificial intelligence is shaping the food industry. Popmenu.

Psychology - Abrams, Z. (2023, July 1). AI is changing every aspect of psychology. Here's what to watch for. American Psychological Association.

Science - OECD. (2023). Artificial intelligence in science: Challenges, opportunities and the future of research. OECD Publishing.

Skilled Trades - Burke, L. (2023, April 8). Can automation replace skilled trades workers? Learn a Skilled Trade.

What are hidden issues with generative AI?

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