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Scholarly Articles

This guide describes what scholarly articles are and provides advice on finding, reading, and evaluating them.

Find scholarly articles using SLCC Libraries!

The library is a great resource to locate scholarly sources, because it's easy to control your search and it's free!


Although there are many options, start with this one- OneSearch searches many databases across many disciplines at one time:

  1. Navigate to the SLCC Library Website
  2. Scroll down and enter search terms in the search box below the images
  3. Select "Search" to run your search
  4. Login using MySLCC username and password if not on campus
  5. On the search results page, look for "Source Types" on the left side of the screen
  6. Select "Academic Journals"
  7. Your search will now be filtered to only items described as academic (scholarly) journals

Specific Databases

Sometimes OneSearch can feel overwhelming. If that's the case, navigate to the SLCC Library Research Guides and locate one for the subject area you are researching. These guides contain database recommendations that will add specificity to your search right away. We often advise searching in at least two databases- in subject specific databases your topic may not be well covered or you may miss on how other disciplines are researching it, but subject specific databases do allow you to find scholarly research from major journals in that field without too much effort.

Watch : Find scholarly articles in OneSearch

Contact a librarian if you'd like more tips!

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