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Transition to ProQuest Databases

Learn more about the databases changes coming to the SLCC Library in summer 2024.

Welcome to SLCC, ProQuest!

Utah libraries recently completed a rigorous request for proposals (RFP) process to enhance the resources available to our community members. This collaborative effort involved all public libraries, primary and secondary school libraries, as well as the public academic libraries of the Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC), overseen by the Utah State Library.

Over the past decade, EBSCO has served as the cornerstone provider of our state library database bundle, enriching SLCC Library Services' online collection. However, a new vendor has been selected through the RFP process.

We are pleased to announce that Clarivate/ProQuest will be our new vendor and primary database provider. SLCC Library Services has offered access to various ProQuest databases in the past, such as SIRS and U.S. NewsStream. While the volume, scope, and nature of content between ProQuest and EBSCO products remain similar, there will be variations in specific journal titles.

We understand that adapting to these changes may present challenges, but SLCC librarians are here to support you. While we cannot guarantee the continued availability of every article, book, or video previously accessed through library sources, we are committed to assisting you in discovering comparable and enriching alternatives.

Please visit our guide with detailed information about specific database and journal changes to learn more: Additionally, our library liaisons are available to address any questions or concerns you may have. You can find your respective library liaison here:

We look forward to partnering with you on this journey of exploration and growth.

Why is this happening?

Due to the RFP (request for proposals) process at the state level, the Utah Academic Library Consortium and other public institutions decided to make the switch to the ProQuest database package. Based on budget restraints, keeping the EBSCO database bundles was no longer a viable option. 

When do we switch to ProQuest?

Our new ProQuest database package will go live on July 1st, 2024. Please contact your Library Liaison for more information.

When does EBSCO access end?

SLCC Library's EBSCO access will end on June 30, 2024. However, SLCC will continue to subscribe to certain EBSCO databases.

Can I trial test ProQuest before the switch?

Yes, practice using ProQuest by using the trial link below. The content is the trial is the same as the new content, which will go live on July 1st, 2024. The ProQuest trial will end on June 30th, 2024. Please note that links to content will change from the trial version to the live version.

Will I be able to access the same content using the ProQuest trial after ProQuest goes live?

Yes, the content available in the ProQuest trial will be the same content in the SLCC ProQuest Databases. The content itself will continue to be available once ProQuest is officially launched, however, the links to access that content will change. 

What if I lose content I like?

While there will be some content overlap, unfortunately some content will no longer be available. SLCC librarians are happy to help you find comparable materials.

Who can I talk to if I have concerns?

Please contact the Liaison Librarian for your school. If you are a college administrator or are not sure who to contact, please reach out to the Library Director, Zack Allred at or call 801.957.4690.

  • Salt Lake Technical College - Zack Allred
    • 801.957.4690
  • School of Arts, Communication, & Media - Keith Slade
    • 801.957.3435
  • School of Business - Zack Allred
    • 801.957.4690
  • School of Health Sciences - Michael Toy
    • 801.957.6208
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences - Jamie Dwyer
    • 801.957.4685
  • School of Science, Mathematics, & Engineering - Amy Scheelke
    • 801.957.3851