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Office Information Systems

This guide is designed to help students and faculty access credible resources related to the study of office information systems (Receptionist, Customer Service, Dental Front Office, Medical Billing and Coding, Office Clerk, Office Specialist).

Evaluating Websites

When evaluating a website for reliability, consider its URL Address ending:

.com - Company selling something

.org - Nonprofit, but has an agenda

.gov - Government site

.edu - Educational institution

.net - Personal site

A company will most likely give a rosy view of what it is claiming according to its agenda.  A nonprofit organization is not selling something, but will most likely give an opinion that is coherent with its own agenda.  Government and educational sites tend to be objective and cite claims.  Personal sites require no authoritative background to post information.

Other criteria for evaluating sites are mispellings, poor grammar, no citations, incorrect citation format.

Keep in mind that when surfing the web, no credentials are required to post information, only software and access to server space are needed.

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