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Languages at SLCC: Navajo (Diné bizaad)

Information and Resources on Foreign Languages and American Sign Language at SLCC.

Navajo Language

Navajo (Dine' Bizaad) is an Athabascan Native American language in the S.W. of the U.S.  It is only related to Apache.


Monument Valley


Databases for Navajo Culture and Language

Although SLCC’s databases offer few articles geared toward undergraduate students of Navajo, they do provide information about a great variety of topics relating to Navajo culture, which is an important part of learning the language.

Books at SLCC Libraries

Navajo grammar starts at 497.2    Books on Navajo people and culture are located in 979.00497 and 979.100497

Some book searches are at the following library catalog links.

Navajo Culture and Language Websites

Navajo Videos or Widgets