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Persons w. Disabilities

This guide is designed to help students and faculty access credible resources related to the study of disabilities.


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Subject guide introduction

Salt Lake Community College is committed to serving the needs of people of diverse cultures, abilities, and ages and has made diversity part of the curriculum. Learning Resources supports the College’s commitment.  Books, movies, articles, and websites dealing with diversity issues can be found using the electronic resources.  Also look for the Ask a Question link on the Library Website.

Searching for disability-related material

Search Terms

The terminology that describes various groups changes over time. The current term “disabled” has replaced the older terms “handicapped” and “crippled,” though these two terms still appear in some indexes. If you search on the term “disabled,” you will find more recent items, the terms “handicapped” or “crippled” will return more historical results.

Here are some common search terms and there variations dealing with disability issues. This list isn't definitive, but gives examples which can be used in your searching in the online catalog, in library databases, or on the Internet.

  • Disability, disabilities, disabled, handicapped, crippled
  • People with disabilities, children with disabilities, artists with disabilities
  • Disabled people, disabled children, disabled artists, disabled veterans
  • Mental disabilities, mentally disabled, people with mental disabilities
  • Learning disabilities, learning disabled, people with learning disabilities, dyslexia, dyslexics
  • Blind, blindness, deaf, deafness, deafblind, deaf culture
  • Visually impaired, hearing impaired, hard of hearing
  • Handicapped, physically handicapped, mentally handicapped