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Diversity: Search Guide

This guide is to help students and faculty access credible resources related to diversity studies.


Searching for diversity-related material        Note: Also see Ethnic Studies guide

Terms that describe various groups changes over time and many that were once common have fallen out of use. For instance, the current  “disabled” has replaced the older terms “handicapped” or “crippled.” These two terms still appear, however, in some of our databases of older materials, such as JSTOR. If you search on the term “disabled,” you will find more recent items, but if you’re looking for historical documents, “handicapped” or “crippled” will return more results. This is true of terms used for other groups as well.

Following are some common search terms and variations of search terms dealing with diversity issues. There are many possible variations so these lists aren't definitive, but give examples which can be used in your own searching.

Disabilities  see Persons with Disabilities guide

Disability, disabilities, disabled, handicapped, crippled
People with disabilities, children with disabilities, artists with disabilities
Disabled people, disabled children, disabled artists, disabled veterans
Mental disabilities, mentally disabled, people with mental disabilities
Learning disabilities, learning disabled, people with learning disabilities, dyslexics
Blind, blindness, deaf, deafness, deafblind, deaf culture
Visually impaired, hearing impaired, hard of hearing
Handicapped, physically handicapped, mentally handicapped

Gender Discrimination against women

Sexism, sex discrimination, gender equity
Discrimination against women, discrimination against men, reverse discrimination
Feminism, anti-feminism, women’s rights, women's suffrage, suffragists, suffragettes
Women, minority women, Women's rights
Sexual harassment of women, sexual harassment of men
Sexual harassment in education, in universities and colleges, in the workplace
Abused women, abusive women, violence against women,
Rape, date rape, intimate partner violence

Gender identity, sexual identity  -> Sexual Orientation

Homosexuality, lesbianism
Bisexual, bisexuals, bisexuality
Transsexuality, transsexualism, transsexuals, transgender people, transgendered people
Gays, homosexuals, lesbians, gay women, sexual minorities
Gay couples, lesbian couples, same-sex couples, same-sex marriage, gay marriage, gay adoption
Homophobia, heterosexism
Gay rights, gay liberation movement, gay and lesbian studies
Discrimination against gays, against lesbians, against homosexuals, against bisexuals

Intercultural relations

Diversity, cultural diversity
Intercultural relations, intercultural communication, intercultural education
Multicultural, multiculturalism, pluralism
Cross-cultural, transcultural
Bicultural,  bilingualism
Minority, minorities
Immigration, immigrants, refugees
Assimilation, acculturation, Americanization, melting pot

Older people

Aged, the elderly, older people, senior citizens, aging parents
Aging, age discrimination, elder abuse
Gray Panthers, AARP

Political issues concerning diversity

Civil rights, minority rights, Gays -- Civil rights, human rights
Abolitionists, Native American Party, Know-Nothings, American Indian Movement, Black Panthers, white supremacy movements
Discrimination, prejudice, hate crimes, hate speech
Segregation, apartheid, Jim Crow, integration
Brown v. Board of Education, busing
Educational equalization, sex differences in education, discrimination in education, multicultural education
Affirmative action, equal opportunity, reverse discrimination, political correctness
Suffrage, women's suffrage, African Americans -- Suffrage

Race ethnicity -> African Americans, or Amer. Indians, or Asians / Pacific, or  Hispanic Am. (Latinx).

Race, race identity, racially mixed people
Ethnic groups, ethnic minorities, ethnic identity, ethnic relations, ethnicity
Racism, racialism, ethnic conflict, ethnic cleansing, genocide
Asian Americans, Greek Americans, Norwegian Americans
African American artists, Chinese American businesspeople, Hispanic American women
Hispanic Americans, Latin Americans,  latino(s), latina(s) or LatinX (either gender)
Mexican Americans, chicano(s), chicana(s)
Aboriginal people(s), native people(s), indigenous people(s)
Native Americans, Indians, Indians of North/South/Central America, First Nations, Inuit, Aleut
Abenaki Indians, Abenakis; Zuni Indians, Zunis

Religious diversity

Religious diversity, religious pluralism, religious tolerance, freedom of religion
Separation of church and state, church and state, religion and politics
Secularism, secular humanism, civil religion
Religion in the public schools, school prayer
Political violence -- Religious aspects
Christianity and other religions; Islam -- Relations -- Judaism
Anti-Semitism, Anti-Catholicism, Anti-Mormonism or Anti-LDS


Limit Your Search Result

Culture Awareness Self-Assessment   

Questions to ask yourself about your own awareness or appreciation of other cultures.


For other Diversity topics see the following:

Plus see: Sexual Orientation  &  the Disabilities guides



The Above list of Other Topics is editable at the Persons with Disabilities guide.

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