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Music and Recording: Books & Media Items, etc.

This guide is to help students and faculty access credible resources related to the study of Music.

Library Online Catalog

Use the Library Online Catalog to find print books, etc. and some e-books, like the O'Reilly (Safari) e-books below.

Sound Production E-Books (in O'Reilly db., was Safari -- need to login)

Sound Systems book cover

Sound Engineers book cover

Find with Library CatalogSee "Click to View"

Or use O'Reilly database directly (must register).


Music Call Numbers to use to find Print Items

Broadest MUSIC Classification of Print Books on the shelves :

  • 781s  (General)
  • 782s  (Vocal Forms)
  • 784s  (Instrumental Forms & Large Groups)
  • 785s  (Chamber Groups)
  • 786s  (Keyboard & Percussion)
  • 787s  (Strings)
  • 788s  (Winds)          Within General area, 781, are more specific topics like below:

    781.63   (Popular Music)    781.65  (Jazz)     781.66  (Rock Music)

    781.6809033 (of the Classical Period, 1750 - 1825


      Within the Vocal area, 782, are some of these topics below :

               782.1  (Operas)  782.25  (Sacred Songs)  782.4  (Songs)  782.42166  (Rock Songs)

          A  biography of a composer, like Mozart, can be found at 780.92 (digits: 92, indicates biography).

          A  biography of popular singer, Elton John is at: 782.42166092  (Taylorsville-Redwood Campus).


       The LIBRARY's ONLINE CATALOG finds call numbers for you.

ProQuest E-books (new)