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Biotechnology Technician: Research Tutorials

This subject guide is to help students and faculty from the Biotechnology Technician's program do research.

Additional Research Tools

Use the videos, text, and links on this page to help you learn new research skills, whether focused on using the Library's databases or understanding and performing scientific research more effectively.

If you have any questions about the Library's resources or about research, please feel free to contact the Science, Mathematics and Engineering Librarian and/or use the "Ask a Librarian" chat service.

Library Website Quick Tips

In less than 5 minutes, learn how to:

  • Get help from a librarian
  • Conduct a basic search in our main database, OneSearch (includes how to limit to scholarly articles, find a citation, and email yourself sources)
  • Locate subject-specific sources

This video refers to "Libguides" - these are now called "Research Guides"!

How to Read a Scientific Paper

Check out this infographic on "How to Read a Scientific Paper," by Natalia Rodriguez, from Research4Life (2015). Here are some key takeaways:

"Research papers follow the well-known IMRD format — an abstract followed by the

  • Introduction,
  • Methods, 
  • Results and 
  • Discussion.

They have multiple cross references and tables as well as supplementary material, such as data sets, lab protocols and gene sequences. All those characteristics  can make them dense and complex. Being able to effectively understanding them is a matter of practice."

"Reading a scientific paper should not be done in a linear way (from beginning to end); instead, it should be done strategically and with a critical mindset, questioning your understanding and the findings. Sometimes you will have to go backwards and forwards, take notes and have multiples tabs opened in your browser."

Peer Review in 3 Minutes

This short video from North Carolina State University Libraries explains how the peer review process works and how an article is published in an academic journal.

Introduction to Using Science Direct

This guide provides a quick introduction on accessing, searching, and opening articles using the database Science Direct. Use the options below to either download a copy using Microsoft Word or open the document on Google Docs.

Searching with Natural Science Collection

In 3 minutes, learn what Natural Science Collection is, how to find it, perform a basic search, and save or cite your results. 

All About Abstracts

The 2 minute video below reviews how abstracts can be used in your research and how to find them in OneSearch.

Library Research Tutorials

Ask a Librarian

Need Help?

Contact the Science, Mathematics and Engineering liaison librarian: You may also schedule a 30-minute library consultation with Amy.